Your proposal states that there are support options via telephone, email, and helpdesk. What sorts of issues would you help us troubleshoot, and what sorts of issues are we expected to troubleshoot ourselves? Do you have any blackout days/hours for this service?

Cadan will help troubleshoot any server side issues that come up throughout the project, outside of third-party systems. (i.e. Google, social media)

Cadan provides support during normal Monday-Friday business hours. Blackout days and hours are holidays, evenings, and weekends. However, those hours can be provided, but additional charges will be included for ‘after hours’ work.

Your proposal states that “Monthly Essentials Support” is $99/month once the site goes live. It also states that unlimited support is “available” for technical issues. Does Monthly Essentials include unlimited support, or is unlimited support an upgrade?

Essentials include firewall maintenance, software/website updates, and patches.

This proposal provides unlimited support for server-side technical issues. We do provide additional support plans with user side support, moves/adds/changes.

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