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Please describe your project management and communication strategy for projects like this. How often will we check in?
Do you use any tools like Basecamp, Smartsheet or Trello?

Cadan uses an application called Connect Wise where we use our project platform. Cadan is able to give accessibility to a user portal to the client can see live updates. Cadan also builds websites in real time, so users will be able to access the website while the building happening. Regular communication between Cadan and 916 ISD will be via phone and email. Phone meetings, when desired, along with milestone meetings will also be scheduled. The web team will also provide weekly updates on Monday to give a list of what will be accomplished throughout the week, and again Friday to update 916 ISD on what was actually completed.  Project updates can be requested at any time. Cadan wants to stress that this is a two-way communication. Cadan needs to know how 916 ISD prefers to be communicated with, as well as 916 ISD need to be aware of how Cadan prefers to be communicated with.

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