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Please demonstrate or explain the permission-based access and editing system that you would build for us.

Cadan is able to give a different level of access based on their needs. We use the principle of least privilege, meaning the user only has the privileges they need and nothing more. Cadan provides the users with necessary roles with specific permissions. Roles can be defined, but not constrained to, Contributor, Author, Editor, and Admin. Cadan recommends the creation of additional specific roles to further customize roles based on needs.

Please demonstrate or explain the calendar feature.
Cadan suggests using Google Calendars. The main site, as well as other sites, will be synchronized with the website for updated events.

Please demonstrate or explain your vision for incorporating our staff directory.
ISD 916 ask for a two-way synchronization for Active Directory. Cadan can provide this feature, however; we want you to be aware of the risks. We will walk through the risk/benefit analysis during the presentation. An ongoing manual export/import may be a better solution

Please demonstrate or explain the drag-and-drop editing solution.
An easily navigable feature to literally drag and drop sections in the website. Jen will demonstrate this feature.

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